Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Detriot Leaders Speak and Place Blame

An acquaintance of mine works on Capitol Hill for a congresswoman.  Today she met with some leaders of Detroit to discuss the upcoming bankruptcy of the city.  This is especially personal to her since she grew up there.  Here is a snap shot of what they had to say:
I am so depressed for the children of Detroit. I met with their "leaders" today and instead of admitting their students can't read, the schools suck, the streets are unsafe, and their liberal big government policies have DESTROYED a once great city, this "leader" blamed 1) the banks 2) The GOP 3) John Engler (Michigan had a DEM governor for 8 years) 4) Archor 5) white people and 6) the suburbs. When I reminded him DPS taught us Ebonics and maybe that's why kids can't read or get jobs he went on to tell me: "Ebonics is a language just like Mexican Spanish" yup, you heard it folks, the "leader" in education for DPS equates improper English to a foreign language and then said, "it's white people's fault for not seeing this as a value and instead see it as ignorance." Lastly, this man said Detroit should be able to "tax" the workers in Detroit at 25% if they live outside Detroit since it is evil white suburbanites "taking" money from the city. Detroit has NO hope. We should take each kid out of DPS and give them refugee status cause Detroit is a third world HELL HOLE

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