Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quote of the Day - VA State Senator Watkins Edition

 “I’m a God-fearing, God-believing Christian. … If any of us think that we own the property, you better take a close look inside you, because God and Mother Nature own everything.”

John Watkins arguing on the VA state senate floor against a bill that protects VA property owners from an overbearing government seizing property to give to corporations.  This bill is in reaction to the Kelo decision in which the Supreme Court took a private homeowners property to give to another business for them to develop in the hopes that it would raise additional tax revenue.  The last I heard this property is still vacant after the homeowner had her home ripped from her by the state of CT.  This bill did pass.  

Sadly, this man is a republican.  Will anyone stand up and mount  a primary challenge against this man?  One could only hope.  

Can anyone say Agenda 21?  

1 comment:

hometown guy said...

We agree on this one!

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