Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Disaster of Today's Supreme Court's Argument of Obamacare

I have not bothered to go and look at what the left leaning sites have said about the court hearings, but I doubt it is good.  Most of the time I think Toobin is fair in his assessments.  I have read one of his books and seams pretty obvious in that book he leans at least leans to the left.


The Conservative Lady said...

I watched (and posted on FB) a Huffington Post report on it yesterday. They sounded just as negative about the outcome (negative for their side).
Personally, I hope the whole law gets canned, but I'm not going to get my hopes up yet. I'll believe it when they come out with the decision in late June (or whenever it's scheduled).

Hugh said...

There is a great book that you might want to read. Its written by Thomas Sowell
"Intellectuals and Society"
This is a fantastic book that explains how the intellectual elitist snots have taken over the government, media, and education. Read this book and you will see just how this has all happened.

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