Monday, March 26, 2012

Quote of the Day - Karl Denninger Edition

Cheney is 71 years old.  By any reasonable definition he has lived a long life.  I'm sure the hospital and everyone else will claim that he got "no special consideration" and that he was the "best fit" for this heart, but I'm not buying it any more than I'm buying that Steve Jobs was the "best fit" for the liver transplant he received.
Cheney has a long history of severe heart disease, having his first heart attack at age 37.  I don't believe for a minute that he was the right person to get this heart at this time.  Sorry, but no
Mr. Cheney was on the waiting list for almost two years.  20 months to be exact.  Since he was 71 he should have just been allowed to die?  No, there is no evidence that people in this country want to make life and death decisions based on age (possibly wealth) in this country.  None at all.

I guess if you have lived what some would consider a "long life" we can just kill you off the first chance we get.  Now Steve Jobs was 54 when he got his transplant.  Is that also a reasonable definition of long life?  Or does he just object to Jobs wealth?  He was rich enough, lets kill him off to before he makes any more money.

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