Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Won't You Go Home Bill Bolling

Well the truth is that Lt. Governor Bill Bolling did decide today not to make an independent run for the governor of Virginia.  The talk that he may seek an independent bid has been going on for several months now, since he decided to forgo a run for the GOP nomination.  
“Based on my discussions with key donors over the past three weeks, I was confident I could raise enough money to run a competitive campaign, but I was not confident I could raise enough money to run a winning campaign,” Bolling said. “Running as an Independent candidate would have required me to sever my longstanding relationship with the Republican Party. While I am very concerned about the current direction of the Republican Party, I still have many dear friends in the Republican Party, people who have been incredibly supportive of me over the years.”
Now, I want to make perfectly clear that I had intended to support Bolling at the upcoming convention in May.  So I am not some huge AG Cuccinelli supporter.  I have some issues with Ken; issues that are primarily based on some inside info that I know about and will not go into in this public forum.  But, suffice it to say, I will still be supporting Ken in the primary election.  His the ideal candidate to me?  No, but he is a far cry better than Terry McAuliffe.  

For those that may need some background, Bill Bolling is serving his second four-year term as Lt. Governor.  Four years ago he made a half-hearted attempt at running for governor, and rightly decided that he wouldn't try to get the nomination.  Now many say he gave up his own ambition because it was right for the party.  Maybe.  But, the truth is that he didn't have a chance to get the nomination in a head to head race with now Gov. Bob McDonnell. Many say that he is somehow owed this nomination due to that.  
Seriously?  C'mon folks.  The nomination isn't due to anyone.  I can't stand this whole he is next line thinking that the GOP has been employing for years and years.  What exactly has that thinking gotten us?  I will tell you what it got us, John McCain and Mitt Romney going against Obama.  Now I will be willing to admit that Romney would have a much better chance to going against Obama in 08 then he did in 12.   There was no way to deny how much trouble the economy was in four years ago.  There were ways to do that last year.  

Another thing I found very comical about all the going back and forth over the past few months is the fact that very same people who were supporting Bolling's indie run were the same people who said I "had" to vote for Romney and put my principles aside.  It was the "right" thing to do.  I was supporting the party.  The very same party that has time and time again pushed against my belief system and consistently raised taxes and increased spending, even on a state level.  The last session of the Virginia legislator just recently raised taxes in what is said to be the largest tax increase in Commonwealth history.  It is also raised taxes in an inconsistent basis.  Some counties will have to pay higher taxes than others.  Which seems not to hold the muster by the Virginia Constitution.  
Moreover, simply calling a measure a “regional congestion-relief fee” doesn’t change the reality that this is really a tax on real estate. Proponents of the deal will reject that, saying it is a transaction fee. But it is not a flat fee. Instead, the amount paid is tied to the price of the land — reflecting real estate conditions, the surrounding neighborhood and more. That’s a tax, and the state Supreme Court ruled as much in 2008, when it struck down the General Assembly’s previous attempt to impose a regional congestion fee.
These are the people who I am supposed to support?  Look, I get that transportation issues in the state have to be addressed, especially in the Northern Virginia area, but that doesn't mean that this tax hike is going to solve the problem.  A big part of the problem is the cronyism that goes on within the Virginia Department of Transportation, which of course increases costs.   So much of the budget is wasted.   I lived there for 17 years, and I would watch them tear up a road, pave it, then tear it up again.  I am supposed to pay higher taxes simply because the people who are hired can't do the job properly the first time?  

I am sure that many are crying in their milk today that Bolling has deciding to take his ball and go home.  My question to them is that if a more conservative candidate toys with the idea of running an independent bid will be as open-minded to it?   Somehow I don't think so.  During the past few months I have been called a bully.  Really?  Me, a bully?  Hardly.  I have been writing this blog for close to four years, how often have you heard me call people names?  I don't do that nor do I like when others do.  I see that as unproductive and childish.   Another thing that those pushing this run seem to fail to mention are a few facts.  Ken Cuccinelli got a larger percentage of the vote four years ago then the governor did.  Ken Cuccinelli also ran and won in Fairfax County, VA when he was serving in the state legislator.  For those that don't know, Fairfax County is one of the bluest counties in the state.  Every credible poll puts this a very tight race, one that Ken could easily win.  

So, for the people who are all upset about Bill Bolling, it is time to dry your tears and get on board.  That is what you told me a year ago.  

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