Saturday, March 2, 2013

Twitter Fun - You Might Be A Dictator Edition

#YouMightBeADictator If you updated the bios of our former Presidents on the White House website to insert yourself and promote your agenda

#YouMightBeADictator if your supporters can't come up with a competing Twitter meme to defend your honor - or you don't have any to defend

#YouMightBeADictator if you say 'with or without Congress'

#YouMightBeADictator if you jet about the country speechifying in lieu of, you know, Doing. Your. Godforsaken. Job.

#YouMightBeADictator if your domestic terrorist list contains veterans and people who fly the Gadsden flag.”

#YouMightBeADictator If you can have your entire life's records sealed so no one can find out a thing about you.

If you every feel the slightest twinge of need to utter the statement#IAmNotADictator, then, #YouMightBeADictator.

If you believe you can spend your way out of debt using the people's money #YouMightBeADictator

#YouMightBeADictator if you let the black panthers assault voters on election day

#YouMightBeADictator if you arm drug cartels in another country

#YouMightBeADictator if you think "compromise" means "my way or the highway"."


Opus #6 said...

I saw that trending topic. Excellent.

I am heartbroken that we have all this great info on Obama after the election. And cynical that it still would not make a difference with the 52% of American voters plus the fraud factor.

Timo Ericsson said...

Why do conservative women insist on calling themselves "girls"?

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