Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quote of the Day - Allen West Edition

“I’m calling it this, Communist, progressive, Marxist, statist, another term being used. I’m looking at things they believe in. If you don’t think we have to stand upon truth and be able to identify and clearly contrast the different principles and values and ideologies of governance here in this country, then we’re never going to get to the fact of accepting the true debate happening in America. We don’t need a bureaucratic nanny state. We need to stay a Constitutional Republic. I think a lot of people need to study that and understand what it is.”
Congressman Allen West to Soledad O'Brien regarding his comments on 80 members of congress who are communists.  

Maybe she should have read this before her interview.   

1 comment:

net observer said...

i think west was unwise to conflate these terms, and perhaps that's the problem when someone like him plays to his crowd unnecessarily. someone else could have repeated his words and replaced "communist, progressive, etc." with "conservatives, TX secesssionists, white racialists, etc" and the logic would have been just as flawed. yes, they all share "some" common ground, but they're not the same thing. just one fan's opinion.

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