Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cure Goes to West Smiley Book Signing - Interesting Responses Follow

Tavis Smiley, one of my all time favorite Marxist and his good buddy Cornell West have co-authored a book called The Rich and The Rest of Us.  He should know about the rich since his net worth is reported to be $10 million.  Pretty darn good for someone who used to work in the Mayor's office in Los Angeles.  Now, Mr. West may understand poverty better since he only has about $3 million.  Not to shabby for academia.  You know those poor teachers who don't make any money.  

I would have a much easier time taking advice on helping the poor from someone who wasn't worth $10 million.  It would seem to me that he would be giving that money to organizations that help the poor instead of stockpiling it for himself.  

We also need to educate people on the lies that people like Smiley and West go around telling people.  We do not spend more on defense than on programs to help the poor.  That is fact, as inconvenient as that may be to Mr. Smiley.  The problem is that we don't use the money we spend wisely.  We end up ensnaring people into a life of dependency instead of giving them what they really need to lift themselves out of poverty.  

Mr. Smiley, when you are willing to help people like her, we'll talk.  

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net observer said...

Tavis and Cornel picked up this hustle long time ago. It's a living I guess.

But I have to say this: It's very hard for me to see a Star Parker or a Larry Elder and not criticize them in a similar way. The question is "Who is doing more damage to the society as a result of their hustle? The black left or the black right?"

Over the last 30 years, I would say the black left by far. But sometimes I wonder if the black right aren't falling into the same trap.

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