Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds in Critical Condition after Stabbing in his Home - Gus Deeds Found Dead - UPDATES

It is being reported that state senator and former gobernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds is fighting for his life in Virginia Medical Center after being stabbed earlier this morning.  His son, Gus Deeds, was found dead in the home.  

Reports are that Gus Deeds stabbed his father multiple times before taking a gun and ending his own life.  

We will have to wait and see how this pans out, as many first reports turn out to be false, but in any event my prayers go out to the Deeds family and I hope that the senator makes a full recovery.  

Very tragic indeed.  

***Police held a news conference around noon.  Senator Deeds was able to give a statement when the police and rescue services arrived.  He was stabbed multiple times in the neck area and upper torso.  His son, Gus, was alive when medics arrived but they were unable to save him and was pronouced dead at the scene due to a gun shot wound.  They will not confirm that Gus was the person who committed the stabbing, but at the present time they are not looking for suspects.  The police also wouldn't give information regarding any criminal or mental health issues of Gus Deeds.  Gus Deeds was the only son of the four children of Creigh Deeds.  
***Sources say that Gus was given a mental health evaluation yesterday and was released due to no bed being available.  
***The hospital has upgraded his status to fair from critical.   

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Anonymous said...

I read the comments from Washington Post article....so much talk of demand for free and pervasive mental health care. I just listened to Geraldo Rivera say patients taking meds will quit when feeling good. Most do not understand that our mental health system is faulty. First their is no medicine or cure. The science is based upon theory and anecdotal evidence. The drugs will change brain chemistry at a cost of lifetime addiction. Most everyone will eventually regret the decision to use psyco drugs. People do go temporarily insane upon withdrawal. It takes years for the biological brain to register and rebalanced brain chemistry. So, most think users go off drugs per foolish thinking they don't need them. This may happen after medication, but most do not like the continuous struggle and zombie like emotional state. They stop taking meds and forced into unstable not per the underlying mental disease as always presented by the drug companies and psychologist explanation, but per the drug detox damage of brain. IOWs they are recovering from the damage of prescription meds. If these patients can keep up with helpful habits, diet, and natural supplements they gradually improve and increase their chance of overcoming mental problems. The drugs made their life a nightmare. So, we need less typical U.S. healthcare and more of the Australian low cost approach. We need to take the politics and drug money out of mental health.

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