Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No, I Won’t Marry You. You Look Like a Tramp

Well those aren't the exact words the Pastor used, but yes, he told a bride that her dress was too sexy for the church service.  He requested that she cover up her breast area and add some length to her dress and then he would happily marry the couple.  

The wedding was due to take place at The Truth Ministries Holiness Church in Houston on August 10.  Both the bride and groom arrived at the church one hour prior to when the service was due to start.  When the Pastor greeted the family he noticed the bride's dress (or lack thereof) and asked her to make her self look more appropriate for his church.  

Below is a picture of the dress (from the website of the retailer, not the actual bride).  I would have to say that I wouldn't think about wearing that dress to a church let alone as my wedding gown.  But to each their own I guess.  

Now one must keep in mind that neither the bride or groom were members of the church.  So it is likely they didn't understand the standards of the church.  Every church has its own unique way of doing things and has standards that members either agree with or you find another house of worship.  
I understand that the families, the wedding party, and the guests are very upset at how it turned out.  They had a reception planned and were not married and most likely not in the mood to party after what was a very embarrassing moment for the bride.  

Didn't she take someone shopping with her when she picked out the dress?  Or at very least show it to someone beforehand?  Didn't her family or friends mention this isn't the type of dress you normally get married in?  I would think someone would have mentioned that maybe a church wouldn't find this appropriate.  

Was the Pastor correct in standing by his principles and not marrying the couple?  I would think so.  

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Dean L said...

A little communication between the couple and the pastor beforehand and this wouldn't have been a problem.

The pastor is certainly entitled to his stance, as was the bride to her dress. Any misalignment could have been resolved with a different church or a different dress had they just talked prior to the last hour.

Opus #6 said...

That dress is beach-ready. Not church appropriate at all. Awkward for all involved. The pastor did the right thing, however.

Timothy Hecht said...

That is not a wedding dress. That is a hook-up dress.

Today's society is in the toilet. Anything goes and nobody thinks about the consequences ever.

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